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Carly Williams
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What do Aussies dread more about the journey to New York City?

The long-haul flight or the grim experience of LAX?

To be fair, both are horrendous but there’s a route from the east coast of Australia to the Big Apple you may not have considered and the stopover is nothing short of lush (compared to LAX.)

Air Canada’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner will get you to NYC in under 21 hours. Much faster than some competitor routes. Photo: Getty

We need to talk about Air Canada. Yes, transferring at Vancouver International Airport might seem like a wild idea but going this way will get you to NYC in under 21 hours. Much quicker than other options.

To be clear, carriers United and American Airlines will also get you to NYC in under 21 hours but this is about dodging the hassle and ordeal that is LAX.

Air Canada’s lie-flat experience has the option of a mattress pad. Photo: Yahoo Australia

Air Canada flies non-stop to VC from Sydney and Melbourne on the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The trip takes 14 hours and 20 minutes and having flown economy on this route, I can vouch it is as comfortable as it can be, the food is good and there are snacks. Very important.

The layover is a sinch at one hour and 15 minutes. Almost a shame since the YVR hub is such a quality airport to explore.

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner connects passengers between VC and Newark Airport and offers the choice of three cabins including its new Signature Service (North America).

The best thing about the Signature Class layout is that every pod has access to the aisle. Unlike competitors where you must climb over your neighbour to get out. Photo: Yahoo Australia

So, is the Signature Service worth it? For me, it is too expensive for the SYD-VC route but very much worth the splurge on the VC – Newark leg to finish your journey in style and kick your holiday off right.

This is a Business Class product with all the trimmings including priority check-in areas on the ground. Not having to queue is the ultimate privilege and the staff treat you like royalty. You can also make use of your very own concierge. Snazzy.

That’s a whole 18-inches of telly. Photo: Yahoo Australia

The International Maple Leaf Lounge is perfect for a shower but I was stoked with the selection of beer on tap, full bar and the buffet.

What makes Air Canada’s Signature Class offering stand out is the individual pod design with all seats boasting aisle access which means no awkward moments climbing over the passenger next to you.

Celebrated Canadian chef David Hawksworth has created a menu with simple flavours. Here we have the veal stew. Photo: Yahoo Australia

Air Canada’s Signature Class is new, new, new!  So, expect the best. We’re talking noise cancelling headphones, flat-lay bedding with mattress topper (and massage option!), adjustable tinted windows, 18-inch LCD screen, and a foodie experience to write home about.

Dinner kicks off with a signature fresh-made cocktail of bourbon, maple syrup, ginger ale and sprite.

One of the only airlines to offer a cheese board on a North American flight. Photo: Yahoo Australia

The starter is poached chili prawn, fennel, orange, pickled onion with horseradish celeriac purèe followed by a main of veal stew with creamy porcini sauce and vegetables.

Then out comes the cheese board with wine and a tub of ice cream and a baked-on-board cookie for dessert.

Worth the splurge? The Vancouver to Newark leg is. Photo: Yahoo Australia

This sort of service is basically unheard of for a North America Flight and is a cheeky treat worth splurging on. Upgrading or not, this route to NYC is a secret gem Aussies need to consider.

*This Air Canada flight was purchased by Yahoo Australia, with a complimentary upgrade to Signature Class from New York City to Vancouver.  

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