Former winner Laura Byrne busts common Bachelor myth

Eliza Velk
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It feels like a long time since we’ve had a successful Bachelor love story and it’s starting to raise concerns for Ali Oetjen who is set to pick her leading man in this week’s episodes of the Bachelorette.

So, we thought it was about time we checked in with the reality series’ last successful couple, Matty Johnson and Laura Bryne to see what could be going wrong.

Bachelor winner Laura Byrne and Matty Johnson are still together and stronger than ever. Source: Instagram/Laura Byrne

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle former winner Laura said that she was, “definitely as surprised as everyone else,” when it came to watching Nick Cummins’ bombshell finale where he turned down both finalists.

Prior to her own time in the mansion, the 31-year-old jewellery designer admitted she, “thought it would be really difficult,” to share one guy with a bunch of other girls, in front of producers and a camera crew.

Bachelor winner Laura Byrne said she was shocked by the outcome of Nick Cummins last season. Source: Supplied

Yet she then cleared up one of the most common misconceptions we all had about the show and it essentially was what allowed her to fall in love in such an unusual situation.

“I was definitely a sceptic before going into it but you do spend A LOT of time together which I think is definitely a misconception.”

“People think you only have two dates and that’s it but you actually spend so much time together… and obviously I fell in love with Matt in that environment,” Laura told Yahoo Lifestyle. 

Now one year on and their relationship is stronger than ever after Laura made the step to move in with her three-legged rescue dog Buster, who stole hearts of Aussie viewers during her initial home visits.  

“Buster and I moved into Matt’s apartment a couple of months ago and now we’re just like a happy little family, everything is great,” Laura said.

Laura says Matty J, dog Buster and herself are all one little happy family. Source: Supplied


And while Laura says that marriage is ‘definitely’ on the cards in the future, when it comes to kids, it’s their fur baby Buster who is taking all their attention for the meantime.

“[Matt and Buster] just best buds,” she told us. “Matt has taken Buster on as though he’s his own dog and is sharing out the chores so it’s really nice.”

Matty J and Laura are all about spoiling their number one, dog Buster. Source: Supplied

In the spirit of spoiling their only pup, Laura has also become an ambassador for WholeHearted dog food that has recently launched in Australia. 

“I partnered with WholeHearted because of the lifestyle that they have for their animals, it’s all about having a healthy lifestyle which is what Matt and I are massively proactive with,” Laura told Yahoo Lifestyle. 

“Secondly, because the company really care about the animals they’re creating products for and actually donated a thousand dollars worth of food to Maggie’s Rescue shelter where I got Buster from,” she continued.

And judging from the way their treat their dog, Matty J and Laura’s future kids are going to be pretty lucky.

Laura has officially become an ambassador for  WholeHearted dog food, recently launched in Australia.  Source: Supplied

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