A Former McDonald's Chef Gave The Scoop On How The Chain Seasons Its Burgers

McDonald's cheeseburger fries and drink
McDonald's cheeseburger fries and drink - Scott Olson/Getty Images

As the most popular fast-food chain in the entire world, fans of McDonald's feel like the restaurant must be adding a little something extra to its wildly popular burgers. However, chef Mike Haracz, TikTok favorite and previous Manager of Culinary Innovation at the Golden Arches explains that burgers at the chain are seasoned quite simply. In fact, Haracz claims that all that goes into McDonald's hamburgers is a bit of salt and pepper.

Haracz has made a name for himself on the social media platform by spilling the secrets of his former employer. His insider knowledge has gained him quite the reputation on TikTok, as his account currently boasts 200,900 followers and 5.1 million likes. Along with providing information on how the fast-food chain actually operates, Haracz also clears up the confusion surrounding the practices at the establishment. One common claim involves the content of the ground beef that goes into McDonald's burgers, and per Haracz, the chain is the place for customers seeking unadorned beef.

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Simple Seasoning Is The Key To Fast-Food Success

frozen hamburger patties on grill
frozen hamburger patties on grill - Bloomberg/Getty Images

As explained in Haracz's TikTok video, the ground beef McDonald's uses to create its McDoubles, Big Macs, and Quarter Pounders is "100% beef" and nothing else. Most of the patties are frozen and shipped to the restaurant, with the exception of the patties used for the Quarter Pounder, which Haracz says are "refrigerated," not frozen, and treated with a process known as gas flushing to extend their shelf life.

Haracz encourages skeptical followers to visit McDonald's website and review the nutritional information posted if they doubt his claim. And according to the blurb listed in the allergen information for the Big Mac patty, which states "100% Pure USDA Inspected Beef; No Fillers, No Extenders," Haracz's assertion is absolutely correct. Additionally, the website also states, "Prepared With Grill Seasoning (Salt, Black Pepper)," further verifying Haracz's claim regarding seasoning. Of course, commenters still have questions, including one nefarious soul who pondered whether McDonald's beef actually consists of "lips and ears," to which Haracz succinctly answers, "No."

Why Doesn't McDonald's Experiment With Other Beef Seasonings?

different types of salt
different types of salt - Simarik/Getty Images

According to the website, McDonald's only uses salt and pepper to season its beef patties because the restaurant feels adding these simple seasonings is the best way "to bring out all that great beef taste." Salt is used to season food because it doesn't significantly alter flavor but instead increases the inherent savory component of a dish. Protein-rich foods like beef also benefit from salting when it comes to juiciness, as salt contributes to a chemical reaction between the moisture and protein within meat.

As for black pepper, it offers a mild adjustment of flavor and a tempered bit of "bite" unlike chili powder, which would impart a far more intense heat into a dish. As a result, salt and pepper are the perfect ground beef enhancers, as they don't alter the flavor drastically. That may be why McDonald's chooses to forgo other types of seasonings, as a chain that routinely serves 25 million people every day naturally to want to maintain the wide appeal of its fare.

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