Former MAFS star claims show gave him PTSD

Olivia Morris
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Former Married At First Sight star Craig Roach has come forward with claims he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder following his stint on the show.

Craig was “married” to Andy Ankers on the show in 2016 and the pair were the first same-sex couple to appear on the reality show.

In a lengthy Facebook post he made back in April which has just come to light, the former MAFS star went into detail about his time on the show, describing it as an “inhumane experience and downright tortured [he] endured at the hands of #channel9”.

Former Married At First Sight star Craig Roach has come forward with claims following his stint on the show, he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. Source: Nine

“I suffered ptsd and it also affected my relationship with family friends and I almost lost my job as a result of it all (sic),” Craig claims. “I was stupid going on the show and was blindsided by the thought I may actually find love.”

In his post, Craig writes he did have “complete faith in the producers” but endured a “slaughtering” which was “inhumane and downright humiliating”. 

He claims he told producers he wasn’t looking for “Mr Perfect” but what he got in Andy Ankers was totally unexpected.

“They matched me with a chain smoking, binge drinking all round party boy from hell who hadn’t been to the gym or raised his heart rate naturally in 10 years,” Craig details.  “So after months and months of anticipating the meeting of this supposed amazing man I am confronted with the complete opposite and have 6 cameras recording my every reaction.”

Craig also recalls the moment he lost his speech and the best man lost the wedding ring, describing it as a total set-up by the show’s producers.

Craig claims he was left “humiliated” from going on the show. Source: Nine

“My best man put his bag in the car with the wedding ring, it’s amazing how when we got to the wedding venue he comes to me saying they took it out of the boot,” Craig writes. “This is when I knew that the whole thing was set up, however I took a deep breath and rolled with it.”

Within days Craig knew it wasn’t right with Andy, claiming he was drinking and smoking the entire time they were together.

Andy made his husband’s decisions known to producers, who apparently told Craig if he wanted to go home he “need to give them some footage of Andy and I getting to know each other”.

He also slammed former “husband” Andy Ankers in his Facebook post. Source: Nine

Craig agreed to do two scenes in order to keep producers happy.

“I didn’t think in my wildest dreams that it would have been this tragic and I was left feeling emotionally raped,” Craig ends his post.

He also insists viewers “only have to look at the footage of [him] and you will see the pain it’s so real”.

Be has reached out to Channel Nine for comment on Craig’s claims.

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