Barbecued Sea Bass


The best way to make your barbie a brain-boosting, heart-healthy extravaganza is to hit the surf rather than turf


1 whole sea bass (or other fish, 500 to 600 grams), cleaned
2 cloves garlic
1 chilli
1 tbsp grated lemon rind
2 fresh bay leaves
Olive oil for brushing
Salt and freshly ground pepper


Wash the fish and dab dry. Score the skin on both sides with a sharp knife, making about eight crosswise cuts at a slight angle.

Peel and finely chop the garlic. Wash, trim, halve and finely chop the chilli. Cut the bay leaves into thin strips.

Brush the fish with oil, season with salt and pepper and rub with garlic. Place on an oiled grill or wrap tightly in foil. Cook over a low heat for about four to five minutes on each side (the fish is done when the fins can be pulled out easily).
Mix the chilli and lemon rind and scatter over the fish with the strips
of bay leaf.


Nutritional information per serving – 1544 kilojoules: 56.5g protein; less than
1g carbohydrate; 15.3g fat.

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