The True Love Roast

Just because the turducken wasn't quite crazy enough, Heal Farm in Devon, England, decided to make the True Love Roast. With one bird included for each of the 12 days of Christmas this beast of a dish weighs 25kgs, will feed around 125 people and takes 10 hours to cook. On the outside is a turkey, stuffed inside with goose (filled with orange and walnut stuffing), chicken (with hazelnut and ginger), pheasant (juniper stuffing), Aylesbury duck (with sage and onion), Barbary duck (with Persian fruit stuffing), and Poussin and guinea fowl coated with parsley, lemon and thyme. Then, there is a partridge and pigeon squab with more Juniper stuffing, a Mallard duck layered with cranberry and lemon, and finally a boned quail with cranberry and orange relish.

Photo by Heal Farm Dec 13, 2012

Crazy Christmas recipes

From the turducken to the Cherpumple pie, we've got a list of the craziest things you could bring to the table this Christmas.

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