• 10 recipes everyone should know how to make

Roast chicken

Roast chicken is that classic staple meal. You’ve seen it in movies, gently pulled out of the oven as a waft of buttery, savoury scents fill the house, you’ve probably dreamt of it on a cold winter’s night when your stomach started grumbling. But if you actually decided to get up and turn on the oven, would you know what to do? A few simple rules for your next (or first) roast chicken, buy the best possible chicken. Better quality means better flavour. Don’t be afraid to touch raw meat, before roasting you want to rub it all over with olive oil, seasonings, even lemon if you want. The best part is that there isn’t really that much work involved. For a classic roast chicken, follow this recipe and get ready to start salivating as soon as the chicken aromas leave your oven. Recipe: Roast herb chicken and vegetables

Photo by Getty Images Dec 11, 2012

10 recipes everyone should know how to make

Just having a handful of recipes in your head will help you in many different situations. Whether you need to impress with a roast chicken dinner or you need a versatile meal like soup, this is a list of recipes everyone should know how to make.

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  1. Glib10:17am Thursday 20th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Chicken is strictly takeaway food for the masses. It should never be served in any respectable home.