Food Blogs

  • Wine Lovers

    Having grown up in Maitland with parents that were lovers of Hunter Valley wines, winemaking was a natural choice for Andrew Duff, Winemaker from Tempus Two, and one that he embraced even as a child. No matter whether he wanted to be a fireman one week or a watchmaker the next, just like his father, the sentence always ended with; ‘and own a vineyard when I grow up’.

    August 2, 3:21 pm
  • Supercharged Food

    Lee Holmes is the founder of Supercharged Food an altruistic website to help people expand their range of healthy food choices and plan ahead to create and maintain a satisfying, wholesome and nourishing diet. Lee is an author, wholefoods chef and Certified Holistic Health Coach (Institute Integrative Nutrition). Her recipe book Supercharged Food is out now through Murdoch Books ($34.99).

    January 9, 5:29 pm
  • Tea Infusions founder and Tea Infusions blogger, Paul Bennetts, is bringing together a community of tea lovers. His mantra is that "our best thinking and creativity come when drinking tea". Tomte scours the globe to discover great teas created by small "artists of the leaf".

    September 26, 9:53 am
  • Cheat Eats

    Allie Meyer is a journalism student on the verge of finishing her degree. She’s lived in New York, Washington, DC, Rome, Italy, and now calls Sydney home. She can bake a mean batch of cupcakes and loves exploring Sydney for the best deals to save money. She’s also an avid cook and loves figuring out how to make affordable and appetising meals. Allie has already contributed to a number of websites including The Melting Pot and Girls’ Guide to the World. She also publishes a personal blog called Urban Feast chronicling her foodie adventures as a student in Sydney.

    September 21, 8:52 am
  • The Paleo Cook

    Irena Macri, the Paleo Cook, is a Sydney-based cook and recipe developer in pursuit of good health. Irena creates and publishes tasty Paleo recipes at her blog, Eat Drink Paleo.

    August 13, 4:10 pm
  • Lena Zak

    Lena Zak is a Sydney-based travel and lifestyle writer who has a particular love of the sillier things in life. She has worked the world over, writing about everything from Mongolian Gers, to Qatari drag racers, and Japanese love hotels. She has been a contributor for Time Out, CNNGo and a range of other publications, while making time to sate her thirst at some of the quirkiest bars around. She tweets at @lenazak.

    July 26, 10:12 am