Follow the interactive journey of the top fantasy football scorers of 2020

Yahoo Sports Fantasy Staff
·1-min read

If there’s something completely true about fantasy football, it’s that how your players perform in Week 1 will almost certainly not be how they do in Weeks 16/17. That’s why they say, fantasy championships aren’t won in the draft, they’re won during the season. And the 2020 season was no different.

Remember when it looked like Russell Wilson was going to be the run-away top quarterback scorer in fantasy? He ended up in sixth place. Remember when David Montgomery was a punch line? Yeah, not so much by season’s end.

And now that Week 17 is in the rearview mirror, let’s take a look at the trajectory of the final four top scorers at each position:

Note: The scoring displayed is for half-point per reception. You can toggle each position on or off by clicking on their respective colored square (following Travis Kelce pull away from the tight end field is particularly the fun). You can also pause at any moment to take a closer look.

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