Flower boobs are the racy new fashion trend

Allison Yee

They’re the fashion accessory we’ve seen pop up on our nails and in our hair.

Now our love for all things floral have been taken to the next step, with blooms replacing clothes when it comes to covering our chest.

In the raunchy new fashion trend that’s sure to set Instagram alight, flower boobs are the new look style lovers are predicting are going to sweep through Europe’s festival season.

Introducing the flower boob trend. Photo: Instagram/gillianhoban

The beauty brainchild of UK pressed flower company Face Florals, it’s all about pasting blooms in between your cleavage and on your chest.

For those who might balk at the idea of going bare boobed (with flowers, of course), people are happily experimenting with the trend.

Those keen to cover up, you can simply decorate your chest. Photo: Instagram/faceflorals
Or you can go full nude and cover your nipple with buds. Photo: Instagram/faceflorals

From painted florals on your chest, to sheer tops with florals underneath, expect to see this all over your feed very soon.

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