Neighbours send heartless letter to mum of autistic girl

Allison Yee

One mum has been forced to go public to shame the residents of her building complex after they sent her a threatening letter, ordering her and her autistic daughter to move out – or else.

Leah Solomon shared the appalling letter that was sent to her by the residents of The Plaza at Bal Harbour in Florida, which revealed they had sought legal advice over having her 16-year-old daughter evicted from the premises due to her behaviour.

"Please be advised - the 300 residents of this building will not compromise their quality of life any longer,” the letter, which had been pushed under Leah’s door read.

Leah was utterly shocked when she received the letter from her apartment complex residents. Photo: Facebook/leah.solomon.988

“You have a daughter with major issues. Your daughter cannot be socialized with others. Her lack of impulse control, her screaming outbursts - are not acceptable to the residents of this building.

"We have sought legal counsel.

"The choice is yours. Either you move out of the building on your own volition, or the residents of this building will take action and you will be forced to move.

"The building pool is not a babysitting facility for your daughter.

The appalling letter was shared on social media. Photo: Facebook

"People cannot and do not wish to swim in the pool during the four hours she stands and screams in the pool – incessantly, every afternoon and night.

"She is large framed and hefty.”

The letter then goes on to say how Leah was guilty of disregarding and disrespecting other people in the building, and urged her to “take your daughter to a facility that can accommodate disabled people… where you would not be infringing upon the quality of life of others.”

Bravely standing up against her apartment complex bullies, Leah decided to share the letter on Facebook, and draw it attention to Gabriel Groisman, the Mayor of Bal Harbour.

The letter has been slammed by the mayor, who has thrown his full support behind Leah and is investigating the incident. Photo: Facebook/groismangabriel

The Mayor soon reacted, issuing his own statement slamming the letter and issuing his public support for Leah and her family.

“I can confirm that law enforcement is looking into this incident, and everyone must know that this hatred and discrimination has no place anywhere, and certainly not in Bal Harbour,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

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