Florence Alexandra reacts to The Bachelors 2023 best moments

Former star of The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise, Florence Alexandra sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to unpack episodes 6 and 7 of 'The Bachelors' 2023. Watch more.

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- It's such--


- Like what even is it? Hey guys, what's up? I'm Florence from season five of The Bachelor Australia, season 1 and 2 of Bachelor of Australia, season 8 of Bachelor US.

- Florence--


- I thought you'd never ask! Of course I will! And today, I'm recapping the biggest moments from episode 6 and 7 of The Bachelor 2023 with Yahoo! Lifestyle.

- I want Jess to choose me.


- But Damien, at what point do you let Jessica go?

- I don't think, I don't think there is any letting go.


- I never maintained any ownership over her to begin with. If she chooses to continue the relationship with Felix, then that's her choice, and I've got to respect that.


- It's such a [INAUDIBLE]. Like what even is this? Why is this guy on the show? Why is she on the show? I have so many questions. Before we met Damien I was like, oh, maybe they're just like super casual, and I was kind of like open to the idea. Because I always tried to be really open to everyone's like life choices.

- I was like, maybe they're just like hooking up, and it's like, if you find love, it's OK, but this is deep. This is a lot of Damien, and it was a lot of Damien and Jess this episode. Some executive producer was like, oh, interesting. Because she's like stereotype pretty bachelor girl.

And then they probably heard her story during the interviews or the auditions, and they were like, oh, we can work with this. But I wonder if they realized what they were working with, and then you have to go through with it. Like I can only imagine being and producer being like, oh my god, now we have to get him onto the show.

- But I think this is reaching. I don't think this is something that belongs on this type of show. And I think they just try to have another first. There's no way in hell that this relationship between Jessica and Felix is ever going to work. There is no way that he's ever going to pick her.

She'll stick around for a little bit for the suspense, but there is no way that you become the bachelor only to pick a girl who is already in a relationship with a dude who's also been on the show, who is super committed to this girl, and will probably fight you. There's no way.

- Because I do think she seems nice, like she's a lovely girl, but what are you doing here? I would like to ask the girl, why are you here? I don't think what you want. I don't think. And anyone who doesn't know what he wants shouldn't be winning, or shouldn't be on The Bachelor. Like this is not the environment.

- Especially not when there's an engagement in the end. It just doesn't make sense. And I hope we can move on. I'm over it personally, and especially because she doesn't have straight answers. She pretty much wants to juggle them both. And I'm like, but this is not about you, you know what I mean? It's about Felix, and it completely takes away from the experience of everyone else.


- So is there a lot of chemistry between you two?

- Oh, it was a lot. It was a lot.

- It is a lot.


- I was quite uncomfortable watching this. I don't get uncomfortable quickly, but I was like, this is just a bit cringe.


- I also know that they tell you for every day to pack your swimmers, so I think she purposely chose to not wear her swimmers, and show up in this like thing that she was wearing with the g-string and everything. Like the lacy.

- There's that sexual chemistry and we can't deny that, and we couldn't not keep our hands off each other.

- Yeah. First of all, she does look amazing. She can definitely pull it off. It's just that I know that they tell you to wear swimmers, and I paid attention to this. Because when Thomas entered the pool with Lauren, she was wearing swimmers. And every day, they tell you to pack your swimmers, and we didn't even have a [INAUDIBLE] with a pool.

- But still, if I was going to downtown Sydney, I would still have to pack my swimmers. So I know that she probably chose to wear this. It's very sexy. It's very racy. I also wonder, why did you choose to wear this? Because I paid attention to what else she was wearing, and it was just a normal summer dress. So I'm not sure if production told her to wear like these really sexy lingerie, and not wear swimmers, but I'm confused as to why Lauren was wearing swimmers and Tilly wasn't. It just adds to the whole sexual thing.

- I think it's a bit cringeworthy because it's not what we're used to. And I think a lot of people are watching this, not necessarily interested in seeing this. And look, I'm not prude. I'm not one to say like, oh, it should all be like super, super, super clean. But I think this is just a lot. And Felix even said himself that it was a lot of like shallow chit chat when they were at that flamingo club on the date, and it really showed, I think, Tilly is really young, and she is still kind of in the mindset that this is how you get a man.

- You know what? A man like Felix, you will get this way. So she's probably going to get him. I know what this is.


- Wearing devil red.

- I'm back. Did you miss me? I'm here to speak to Jed. I found myself missing him when I was at home. What to surprise him. I want Jed back.

- She looks so evil.

- And when I want something, I get it.

- Ooh, yikes. Well, she's back. I actually called it. I thought she was going to come back. Look, I know they asked me when I left if I wanted to come back, but that was a different situation. I got eliminated in Fiji and they asked me, do you want to come back? And that was pretty spontaneous because I had already flown back to Melbourne. So I had to catch another flight. It's not like I was waiting around the corner.

- But in this scenario, I think she may have asked. I think because she just wants to win. I highly doubt Jed is the love of her life. I don't think she's there for the right reason, but it depends on what the right reasons are, which is like, sign me up, buttercup, and she thought it was funny.

In the very first episode, we saw her waiting with the Daily Mail article thinking she was going to meet Felix, and she was very excited about that. And then she met Jed, and now she's holding on Jed because she knows that's her safest bet. That's her only bet. She just wants to win The Bachelor. But I wonder if she realizes that she's a villain.