Flood alerts remain in parts of England as remnants of Hurricane Nigel bring more rain

Flooding on the A12 near Hackney Wick station in London on Thursday (PA)
Flooding on the A12 near Hackney Wick station in London on Thursday (PA)

A flood warning and several flood alerts are active in parts of the UK as the remnants of Hurricane Nigel lash Britain with rains and strong winds.

After heavy rainfall at the tail end of Hurricane Lee left streets across London flooded, a flood warning is active in Keswick Campsite and flood alerts are in seven places, including Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

The Met Office said in an update that 20 flood warnings expired and added that showers will ease in inland areas, with “sunshine and showers for most” on Friday.

The weather department also said it will remain “windy in the far north”.

“In the afternoon, the scattered showers will become widespread across the UK, staying light. Patchy cloud and sunny spells. There is going to be a gentle to moderate westerly breeze,” it said.

The update comes as the tail end of Nigel, which was earlier over the US east coast, sweeps parts of the UK.

Forecasters said while Nigel likely peaked as it moved across the Atlantic, strong winds are still expected.

Nigel is transforming into a “typical mid-latitude low pressure system,” the Met Office said.

Although the UK is still anticipating heavy showers, the Met Office said they are unlikely to be as intense as the ones experienced on Sunday. The previous downpour resulted in over 10,000 lightning strikes and led to flooding at Exeter Airport.

“On Sunday, we will start to see the influence of ex-tropical Hurricane Nigel, which will be offshore in the mid-Atlantic,” Met Office spokesperson Grahame Madge had earlier said.

“These systems have a long reach, it will increase rainfall rates and also winds to bring unsettled weather to the UK.

“It’s fair to say that it (Hurricane Lee) has brought more moisture with it, and also higher temperature air,” Mr Magde explained.

“When this air comes across us, it will deliver more in the way of rainfall than a normal system.”

On Wednesday, torrential rain across London left streets flooded as firefighters worked tirelessly throughout the evening to respond to calls.

The London Fire Brigade received “numerous calls” over flooding as dramatic footage showed roads turning into rivers and crews “working as quickly and as safely as they can” to provide assistance.

Photos and videos on social media show roads submerged in floodwater as Traffic Wales reported there were restrictions on some bridges and rail delays in the Swansea area because of a fallen tree.

A woman in her 30s was taken to hospital after she suffered “life-changing” injuries when a tree fell on her.

The police responded to the woman on Fulham Palace Road in Hammersmith, London and said she received non-life threatening injuries.