Fletcher opens up about the pressure of success ahead of her debut album

Fletcher sat down with Yahoo Australia to chat about her debut album, Girl Of My Dreams.

Video transcript

CARI ELISE FLETCHER: I have grown up with my fans, we've grown up together. And I have just always been really honest about the experiences that I'm going through, or thoughts that I'm having, and to be able to share that with people. And once I put out music, it's not mine anymore.

And when I'm thinking about songs, and when I'm writing, it's like, yeah, I'm writing from something that I may have felt, but I'm also thinking about so many people around me, and the community, and just having these beautiful kids that grow up alongside me. And I'm like, Oh, I wonder if somebody else has felt this too. And it's just this very shared feeling and interaction.

And so I don't know, I don't really feel I have redefined my definition of success to myself personally. And so I don't feel the same pressure that I used to, or the same things that of used to put on myself, I think. And of course it exists, because everybody wants to do well, and you want your album to do well, and you want it to have the opportunities, or the attention that you desire, because it's something that you put so much of your time and effort into.

But it used to be for me about accolades and numbers. And I used to think, Oh, I should have this award by this age. And I just realize how sick that was making me all the time.

And I've just redefined so much of it of , Oh, does this feel it's in alignment for me. Does this feel good? Is this an expression of truth? And just have more fun.

We put way too much pressure on ourselves to do xyz by a certain date. And society in general does that to us. So I'm like, whatever. I just want to have fun, and play music, and play live. I'm about to go on my fourth tour of 2022, and I'm getting to do that.

And so I'm winning in my book, because I'm having a good time. And everything, if it's an alignment, will happen, and it'll come. If you're just living present in your life, then that's when the things that are actually in alignment with you starts to happen.