Fletcher ate snails with Halsey after Taylor Swift's party

Fletcher revealed some fun stories about her friends in Yahoo Australia's game of "Famous Friends".

Video transcript

FLETCHER: Ew! Rewind, take that out.


And we just shot a music video together for "Becky's So Hot." And she is, like, the chillest, kindest, like, easy to work with, was so down to be a part of the video. And I was like, will you fulfill my, like, queer fantasies and make a sapphic music video with me? And she was like, yeah, I'm down. Let's do it.

Niall, sweetest human. I adore him. We did a-- we did a song together. We covered a Taylor Swift song, "Lover." And he's-- he's-- he is, like, super genuine, and like a great human. I have nothing negative to say about Niall.

I was so nervous to meet him. I was in the dressing room getting ready to go perform "Undrunk" on the show, and we took a selfie together. And he is just, like, such a nice dude.

We've actually not met in person, but I put out a-- my, like, interpolation of a song called "Girls, Girls Girls," which I sampled "I Kissed a Girl." And-- and she, like, approved it and then, like, supported it. And I sent her flowers as a thank you. We love-- I'm a Katy Kat. We love her.

We ate slugs together-- escar-- or slugs? Yeah, escargot, is that slugs?

- Snails.

FLETCHER: Snails. Ew. That's what I meant, snails. Not slugs.

Ew! Rewind. Take that out!

We had snails together at, like, a random, hole in the wall, like, spot in New York City. After Taylor Swift's birthday, we went and got snails. Such a [MUTED] random night.

I am going on tour with Panic at the Disco in February all throughout Europe, and we've not met yet. But yeah, his voice is, like, the craziest on the planet and I can't believe I'm going to get to, like, watch it every night. He's a vocalist that I've, like, looked up to for a very, very long time, so-- and my, like, emo Pisces inner child is quaking.