Are your boobs stopping you from working out?

Kristine Tarbert

Whether your boobs are big or small don’t let your bust hold you back from achieving your health and fitness goals this summer.

A recent study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health has revealed that boobs are apparently one of the biggest things preventing women from hitting the gym.

According to the study women with both big and small boobs have found their breasts have stopped them from training because they don’t like the way they look while working out.

Study reveals women aren't working out because of their boobs. Photo: Getty

And the ladies with bigger boobs are embarrassed by how much their bust moves and even experiencing pain while trying to exercise.

Kate Allott, Head of Fitness at Anytime Fitness, has shared some of her expertise when it comes to getting over any boob issues that might be holding you back.

She says that if it’s confidence you’re lacking, then getting out there, going for a run or going to the gym, is actually the best thing to help that.

Women with bigger boobs struggle with pain during exercise. Photo: Getty

“If it’s down to the perception of your boobs and not liking the way they look - training is the quickest way to boost your endorphins, and in turn – your confidence,” Kate tells Be.

However, if you are in pain while trying to work out, she has a few tips to help prevent this.

“If you are in legitimate pain while exercising, there are plenty of low impact exercises you can do to ease the bounce that high impact training might have on your breasts,” she says.

Kate is quick to highlight the importance of getting the right sports bra to properly support your bust. For bigger boobs, she suggests looking for bras with separate cups.

Fitness trainer Kate says getting the right bra is important. Photo: Supplied

“Bras with separate cups decrease both side to side and up and down movement, reducing bounce discomfort and damage to breast tissue,” she says.

“You should also think about layer two sports bras before running if you have larger breasts.”

Less jumping and more focus on core exercises are best for big boobs. Photo: Getty

In terms of the types of exercises you can do if things get too uncomfortable, Kate suggests removing any jumps while keeping the speed and reps high.

If back pain is common she also says building up your core strength is key.

“Core strength is vital for remaining pain free and reducing injury long term,” she says.

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