Fitness model's relatable mum moment

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Janine Wiggert has shared a moment any mum will be very familiar with. Photo: Instagram/ janinewiggert

Fitness model and business woman Janine Wiggert has taken to Instagram to share a hilarious mum moment that any woman who has ever held a baby can probably relate to.

The German social media star took to the platform yesterday with a seaside snap that will look very familiar to most.

The mum posed on a beach lounge with her twin toddlers Aurelia and Lyan hoping to capture a sweet moment, but it seems like Lyan had other plans.

“Mommy give me your boob, now,” the active-wear entrepreneur captioned the image.

In the photo her little boy Lyan is seen grabbing one of his mum’s breasts while sister Aurelia chuckles in delight.

Anyone who has had a baby grip on to their boob in public view will understand that for most this would be a funny, but embarassing moment, but not for Janine.

The mum was completely unfazed, and uploaded the funny shot anyway.

Fans loved the snap for it’s relatability, almost 25,000 of them liked the post and left appreciative comments.

“Hahaha I really remember this time,” one mum reminisced.

“Oh how I know that feeling way to well!” another agreed.

“Super mumma,” one wrote.

The mum loves updating followers on her twins, and isn't scared to look fit while doing so. Photo: Instagram/ janinewiggert

Janine runs a fashion beauty and fitness blog and has gained her massive following with snaps of her outfits and her life as a busy mum.

With almost 850k followers under her belt and two toddlers running around the mum has her hands full, but works it all in to her colourful feed.

Snaps of the Berlin-based blogger regularly feature the fashionista looking perfectly coiffed while looking after her adorable twins, earning her praise for her approach to motherhood and glamour.

It’s not the first time a mum has won praise online with a relatable parenting moment.

Earlier this week US mum blogger Sidney shared a horrifying and hilarious ice cream incident with her toddler that will make you laugh, and swear off the treat all in the same breath.

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