Fitness blogger reveals why she wasn't happy at size zero

Kristine Tarbert
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It would be no surprise to find out that most of us probably have a ‘goal weight’.  But apparently it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be.

International fitness trainer Kelsey Wells has revealed she was actually unhappy, and unhealthy, when she reached what she thought was her goal weight.

The 27-year-old mum, who has over 1 million followers, shared an inspiring post about how she realised that being a size zero didn’t mean that she was going to be happy and healthy.

“Once upon a time my fitness goals were to weigh 54kg, wear size 0 jeans, and be thin and NOT muscular, because being muscular, well that’s ‘manly’,” Kelsey wrote on Instagram.

Kelsey reveals how she thought eating healthy meant extreme cleanses and calorie restriction, and admits she dreaded exercising.

Photo: Instagram/Kelsey Wells

The biggest problem? I honestly believed that once I hit those goals, I’d be happy with myself. I’d have confidence,” her post continued.

However when she eventually reached her ‘goal weight’, Kelsey says she still wasn’t happy.

“I still picked myself apart. I still didn’t have a sense of self-love or confidence. I. WAS. NOT. HEALTHY,” she wrote.

Kelsey shared a side-by-side image alongside the post, both taken on the same day, one where she is flexing, and one where she is not.

Now weighing a healthy and strong 63kg, wearing a size 2-8, Kelsey says she is “proud to be strong and muscular and simultaneously feel more feminine and confident than ever.”

“I no longer give a damn about those numbers – my focus is on my HEALTH. Physical, mental, and emotional. 

“Listen to me. FITNESS IS MORE THAN PHYSICAL. If your happiness or sense of self worth is predicated upon physical aesthetics YOU WILL NEVER BE HAPPY.”

Kelsey regularly shares motivational and inspirational messages with her followers and says she feels a huge responsibility to be open and honest with her community.

“Something i’m very passionate about is being open and transparent,” the Instagram star tells Be. “I’ve been blessed with this platform to share my story and influence the lives of many women around the world, but with that comes a lot of responsibility.

“I am beyond grateful to be in a position where I am able to spread my message of healthy living and women empowerment globally.

Every women deserves to take care of herself. Every woman deserves to feel healthy and happy.”

Photo: Instagram/Kelsey Wells

Kelsey often speaks up about the stigma against women doing weights, this latest post another example of her message that building muscle isn’t just for men.

She is constantly amazed by some of the ignorant comments she receives from people that believe weightlifting ‘isn’t feminine’.

“The thinking that weight training is manly is absolutely ridiculous,” Kelsey previously revealed to Be.

“I am very proud to be changing the dialogue because weightlifting is an incredible form of exercise with so many benefits.”

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