Fit-fluencer accused of scamming people out of hundreds of dollars for workout plan

A Dallas-based fitness coach and influencer has found herself at the centre of controversy after fans and followers called her out for allegedly scamming them out of hundreds of dollars for a fitness program that didn’t provide what was promised.

Brittany Dawn, who has over 840,000 followers combined across her social media platforms, has made her living off of a fitness program that she has promoted and sold to thousands of woman since 2014. But now, her business is being taken down by those same women who say they have yet to receive much of what they paid for.

According to her business website, Brittany Dawn Fitness, the influencer offers personalised food and fitness plans for up to $300 ($420AUD), which include weekly check-ins and email support from Brittant. A Facebook group of over 3,000 people and a YouTube video posted on Feb. 5, however, began to show that people who bought in claimed they weren’t getting what they paid for.

“We’d go weeks at a time without communication,” one upset client Melina Brunson told Houston news station KHOU.

“There would be something I’d need to know that morning, and I wouldn’t hear back from her until that night, maybe until a week later. I mean, what kind of access is that?”

Brittany Dawn is being called out for scamming followers who purchased her fitness plan. (Photo: Instagram)

“It took her like over six weeks to reply to me,” another disgruntled customer Kayla Lippans told the news outlet. “I just can’t imagine her stealing all this money from people. It’s not OK.”

And there are more complaints being processed through the Better Business Bureau which address these same issues.

“I purchased three online plans from Brittany. The first was a month long training plan advertised as individualised, when in reality it was the same exact plan every consumer receives,” one complaint says on the website.

“In addition, the plan included weekly check ins to ask questions, receive guidance, and adjust macronutrients with the promise of a three-day turn around. Not only were the responses from her well beyond the promised time frame, they also didn’t bother to answer any questions or address any of my concerns. They were generic responses, like ‘doing great, keep going girl!’ and the like.”

Others have said that beyond Brittany not responding to those looking for guidance from her, the influencer has apparently neglected to reply to the many concerns coming from those who purchased her program. In fact, she’s allegedly deleted negative comments and even blocked clients from her social media pages in an effort to not address the skeptics.

Now, it seems that Brittany had no choice but to address the hate after hundreds of people have confronted her looking for answers and refunds, and even went after her with death threats.

In a video posted to her YouTube channel on Wednesday, she apologised to followers for being “human.”

“I ran too fast for one person,” she said in the video. “At times it got extremely overwhelming, and I took on more than I should have and for that, I take full responsibility and I am sorry.”

But her apology didn’t seem to cut it, as people continue to respond negatively to the video and are signing a petition to stop her scams.

“You’re not the victim here,” one person responded in the video’s comment section. “The minute you realised you couldn’t deliver what you promised, you refund people. Period. End of story. There are a lot of business owners who create their own content, provide their own customer support, do their own finances, etc. they still deliver what they promised and what people paid them for. If that was your struggle – hire help with the money people paid you.”

Brittany didn’t reply to Yahoo Lifestyle‘s request for additional comment. In the video, however, she asks followers for just one favour.

“I would please ask that all death threats and all other threats are once and for all put to an end,” she pleaded. “I would also ask for you to please leave my family and my friends alone.”

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