Fishing is the brutal dating trend you need to know about

Sarah Carty
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

First, we had ‘breadcrumbing’, then ‘shaveducking’ and ‘gatsbying’, but there’s another dating trend in town that’s probably happened to every singleton at this stage.

As if online dating wasn’t brutal enough, people are actually now out there on the web ‘fishing’ – and it might be why you’re left hanging by someone you thought was your perfect match.

According to EliteDaily, ‘fishing’ is a regular practice in the dating world, with people who want multiple options to choose from.

It involves a person throwing out their imaginary fishing rod and seeing who catches on to it and writes back.

‘Fishing’ is the new dating trend you need to know about. Photo: Getty Images

Then, when they have a few people to choose from, they pick which one they want to pursue.

They’ll simply discard of the rest of the fish and focus on reeling in that chosen one.

The practice happens a lot more often than you might think, just like ‘ghosting’ and ‘breadcrumbing’.

Unlike ghosting, where a person comes across as overeager only to vanish without a trace, breadcrumbers dart in and out of your life, making you think they’re interested in you before snubbing you just as they have your attention.

The trend doesn’t just apply to love interests as even friends and employers can smack you with breadcrumbs when you least expect it.

Then there’s the ‘gatsybing’ type of daters, who deliberately post something on social media just to get the attention of the person they like.

Australian model Matilda Dods coined the phenomenon of “Gatsbying”, because just like the extravagant and opulent scenes from the 1920s themed movie, those who are doing it are trying to portray themselves in the best light.

So if you take sexy selfies and deliberately share your sociable group snaps in a bid to bait the person you’ve got your eye on, then you’re guilty of Gatsbying.

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