Honey Badger goes nude in his debut Bachelor promo

Rebekah Scanlan
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Australia has been divided since it was revealed that Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins would be this year’s Bachelor. 

Now three months after being given the most enviable gig in the country, Channel Ten have given us our first look at the sportsman on his quest for love — and it doesn’t disappoint.

In a short promo clip for the dating show, Nick can be seen lying naked on a bed of roses, with just a pile of delicate red petals covering his modesty.

As the camera pans out to reveal the 31-year-old with his arms behind his head, the voiceover can be heard introducing Nick as “The new Badgelor” as the song Love Is In The Air plays.

But unlike other Bachelor promos in the past, this one has a true Honey Badger vibe to it.

As a wind machine blows petals around for a romantic effect, it starts to blow them off his crotch, forcing him to cover himself with his hands.

“Go easy mate, I’m in me birthday suit ‘ere,” the former Wallabies player says.

Naturally fans of the show — which is in its sixth season — have erupted over the video, with many divided over whether they love or hate it.

Some viewers are calling the video “cringeworthy” and predicting this year’s show will be “disastrous”.

While other’s were firmly in team yes and were counting down the days until the show starts.

One thing’s for sure, Nick will definitely be entertaining if his history of sport interviews are anything to go by.

Back in 2014 he won legions of fans when he explained the origins of his nickname, telling the pitch-side commentator it came from a documentary where he saw a humble honey badger successfully fight off a male lion.

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