First look at Frasier revival with Only Fools and Horses star

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First look at Nicholas Lyndhurst in Frasier rebootParamount+

Paramount+ has released the first-look images of Only Fools and Horses star Nicholas Lyndhurst appearing in the new Frasier reboot.

The actor was confirmed as joining the cast of the hit US comedy series revival back in January.

Lyndhurst plays Alan Cornwall, who has been teased as an old college friend of Dr Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer).

Fans of the show have now been treated to a first glimpse at his character in the teaser image.

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Lyndhurst is seen in character as Alan, enjoying a pint with Grammer's Frasier and fellow newcomer Toks Olagundoye, who plays Olivia, head of the psych department at an Ivy League university.

According to Deadline, Olivia and Alan frequently butt heads within the psychology department, with Alan resenting the younger Olivia's seniority over him.

"The two of them disagree on just about everything, but they both admire Frasier - and each hopes to use him to further their own aims," says the publication of the characters' dynamic.

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Further first-look images also show Deception star Jack Cutmore-Scott in his new role as Frasier and Lilith's son Freddy.

The character of Freddy was recast for the reboot, with Cutmore-Scott stepping into the role.

He's seen sitting with his dad on the sofa in one promotional shot and alongside his dad and cousin David (Anders Keith) in another image.

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Another new face joining the Frasier cast for the reboot is The Boys star Jess Salgueiro, who plays Eve, a roommate of Freddy's.

Meanwhile, Frasier fans will be pleased to learn that Bebe Neuwirth will be back as Frasier's ex-wife, Dr Lilith Sternin, while Peri Gilpin will return as producer Roz Doyle.

The new series is set in Boston and will follow everyone's favourite psychiatrist as he finds his feet in a new city, establishing new relationships and overcoming new challenges.

Frasier will stream on Paramount+ in the US and Canada on October 12, with episodes available elsewhere from October 13.

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