Fireman proposes to teacher during 'best fire drill ever' at school

A Kentucky high school teacher got a serious surprise this past week when her boyfriend popped the question during a fire drill. Photo: Twitter/Allison Hunt

A school teacher got a serious surprise when her boyfriend popped the question during a fire drill.

Allison Hunt, a Kentucky social studies and AP human geography teacher at Manual High School and mother of two, was standing on the sidewalk during a fire drill when her boyfriend, Louisville Fire captain Tom Cecil, popped out of the fire truck.

In the video posted by the school’s guidance department, Cecil can be seen approaching Hunt before getting down on one knee and wowing her with a marriage proposal.

Hunt is handed a bouquet of flowers by another firefighter, and joyfully embraces Cecil as the crowd of students and teachers went wild with cheers.

“I had no clue, even … while he was pulling up,” Hunt told the Louisville Courier Journal. “Other teachers are always joking, like, ‘Did you pull the fire alarm to get him here?’ They’re always joking with me. So I was like, ‘I didn’t pull it!’”

Hunt went on by saying that the school already had a fire drill scheduled for that specific day, and Cecil switched his shift with another firefighter so he could make the proposal part of that pre-scheduled drill. And while they had talked about getting married in the past, Hunt was entirely in the dark about the proposal.

“I had no clue,” Hunt confirmed.

Clearly, Hunt was thrilled with the events of the day. She called it the “best fire drill ever” on social media.

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