TV host Fiona Falkiner shows off impressive 12kg transformation

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Fiona Falkiner has unveiled her impressive 12kg weight loss transformation after a complete diet and fitness overhaul over the past nine months.

The former Biggest Loser host, who welcomed her first child with her fiancée Hayley Willis in March, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share side by side photos wearing the same red dress before and after her health journey.

Fiona Falkiner in a red dress before and after her transformation.
Fiona Falkiner has shown off her 12kg weight loss transformation. Photo: Instagram/fionafalkiner

She explained to her 100k followers that she not only feels healthier now, but she has also adopted “a better routine” for herself and her family.

“It wasn’t until I tried on this old dress I realised how far I had come!” she wrote in the caption.

Fiona went on to say that she is excited to start her next fitness challenge with The Healthy Mummy in January which will focus on ab workouts.

On her Instagram Story, the TV star added that she’s “proud” of her 12kg achievement and how much progress she’s made so far.

“Both pictures I’m a happy mummy, but the photo on the right I am a healthy, happy mummy!” she said.


A number of Fiona’s Instagram followers took to the comments to applaud her transformation and compliment her new look.

“You are an inspirational woman,” one person wrote, while another added, “You look phenomenal!”

“Wow congratulations, stunning as usual! You go girl,” a third replied, followed by someone else who remarked, “You’re always gorgeous but now you’re glowing!”.

Fiona Falkiner now and then in a pink crop top and black leggings.
Fiona said that she hasn’t been putting pressure on herself to lose weight but is instead focusing on feeling good in her clothes. Photo: Instagram/fionafalkiner

Back in October Fiona shared a similar update about her weight loss journey, posting side by side mirror selfies in a pink crop top and black leggings now and then.

“It’s a few months between these photos and I have to say the photo on the right was a tired, stressed mumma who was not looking after herself, life was so chaotic and feeding myself was my last priority,” she wrote in the caption. “These days I am now feeling a lot more in control of my life.

“I haven’t put pressure on myself about losing weight, nor do I look at the numbers on the scales. Instead, I’m focusing on my clothes and how good I feel putting my jeans on without having to spend five minutes squeezing into them!”

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