Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will hit PS5 on February 29, 2024

The second installment in the remake trilogy features nearly 100 hours of gameplay.

Square Enix

The second installment of Square Enix's ambitious Final Fantasy VII remake saga has a release date. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will arrive on PlayStation 5 on February 29.

Sony provided another look at the sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake during its latest State of Play showcase in the form of a new trailer. The search for Sephiroth continues after Cloud, Yuffie et al escape from Midgar. They go on a globe-trotting adventure in which they tear across grassy fields on a Chocobo, explore new environments and [checks notes] cover ground on a Segway?

To give you a sense of the scope we're dealing with, Square Enix will release Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on two discs. The publisher also revealed that there's nearly 100 hours of gameplay here. Even so, the game will only take players up to the midpoint of the original Final Fantasy VII.

If you haven't played the previous game, you might be interested in picking up a "twin pack" of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (the upgraded version) and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Pre-orders are open now, and the bundle includes instant access to the first entry in this trilogy.