Filipino social media personality Sammy Manese dies


Filipino social media personality Sammy Manese has died, his sister and a close friend confirmed.

The announcement: Manese’s sister, Bea, announced the news in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

“It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we announce the untimely demise of our beloved family member Sammy Manese,” Bea wrote. “May he be remembered for all the joy and laughter he shared with everyone. We ask for your prayers, respect, and privacy during this time.”

Manese’s family has not disclosed the cause of his death and details about his funeral. However, Manese's brother reportedly revealed in a 2021 YouTube video that he had been rushed to the emergency room due to the recurrence of a heart problem, which caused difficulty of breathing. Manese, in his own vlog, mentioned that he typically avoids strenuous activities to prevent worsening his heart condition.

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Grieving his death: Manese’s sudden death led to an outpouring of condolences from friends and fans. His best friend, Yoo Na, expressed her grievance and gratitude in a Facebook post, along with photos and a video of himself.

“I love you so much,” Yoo Na wrote. “I can't accept and will never accept that you're gone. It hurts so much. We don't know how to start again now that you're not with us. Thank you for all the help and everything you've given us… You've made so many people happy, and so many people love you…Rest in paradise, my love; you won't suffer anymore.”

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About Manese: Known for his comedy sketches and trending challenges, Manese had over 1.9 million YouTube subscribers, 1.2 million Facebook followers and 280,000 TikTok followers.

Despite facing challenges such as dwarfism syndrome and heart disease, Manese brought joy to his audience through humorous skits and uplifting content, such as pranks and lifestyle videos on Filipino social media.

Manese's first YouTube video, “Iba't Ibang Uri ng Mga Tindera (Laptrip 'to, Pramise),” accumulated over 2.8 million views a year after its June 2019 posting. His most popular video on his YouTube channel is “Lloyd Cadena Inspired (Mga Eksena sa Jeep),” with over 14 million views.

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