15 Bewildering Photos From This Week That Will Hurt Your Eyes

We are back with another roundup of Reddit's most mind-boggling photos found from the r/confusingperspective thread. Can you interpret more than last week?

1.Start by explaining how this dog's tongue is not coming out of its cheek:

A small, curly-haired dog sits on a sidewalk, licking its nose and looking up. Grass is visible in the background

You gotta zoom in for this one — the dog is just licking its jaw!

u/lsizzle_ / reddit.com

2.This is not a picture of the sky that is missing pixels:

A stealth bomber flies overhead against a backdrop of clouds and sunrays, with a distant treeline and body of water visible below

It is a B2 Bomber plane flying overhead.

u/AnotherHow / reddit.com

3.Can you figure out how it is possible that the person with the pen does not have three hands?:

Two women seated at a nail salon table. One checks her phone while the other writes on a notepad. aangesloten apparaten pay for manicures?

4.Come up with an explanation for how this cat is not teleporting out of this TV:

A white and black cat standing on an entertainment center in front of a flat-screen TV. Various remote controls and gadgets are on the table

5.This is not an overhead view of a half sunken ship:

A close-up of a car's roof with a missing roof antenna. The base of the antenna and the screws are visible

6.This is not some oddly shaped dog:

A dog is curled up on the front passenger seat of a car, looking at the camera with its tongue slightly out

7.These are not spaceships in the sky:

City skyline view from above with buildings and clear sky, reflecting lights resembling UFOs in the window

8.This is not some creep staring out their window:

A person is seen sitting inside a car, partially hidden by the car window and frame. The expression is not clearly visible
u/mikec433 / reddit.com

...It is the reflection of an ad on the side of a truck:

Parking lot filled with vehicles. The rear side of a truck has partial text: "Here to help life go right." It displays an image of a man's face
u/mikec433 / reddit.com

9.This truck is not carrying a huge random circle thingy:

A large, round building with unique rectangular windows and geometric design stands beside a road with vehicles passing by

10.This building is not leaning to the left:

A building appears to be tilted on a sloped street with cars parked in front. Trees are in front of the building

If you're still confused, San Fransisco has very steep parts and this building sits on one of them:

Four-story building with ornate architectural details, featuring multiple tall windows. There are several cars parked in front and a tree partially obscuring part of the building

11.This is not a piece of the sky in the trash:

Broken mirror pieces in a trash can reflect the sky with clouds; a small bird is perched on the edge

It is just a mirror.

u/Rocksquare69 / reddit.com

12.This is not the back of some person in the water:

A person holds a sea urchin above water. The background features a coastal scene with trees, buildings, and cloudy sky

13.This cat's head did not teleport to the top shelf of this cat tower:

Two tabby cats are on a multi-level cat tree. One cat is sitting on the middle level, while the other cat is peeking over the top level

There are two cats!

u/Professional-Trick53 / reddit.com

14.Speaking of cats, this one does not have a human hand:

Cat sits in front of a TV displaying a colorful weather map

It is just in front of the weather man on the TV.

u/MajinDaigaEx / reddit.com

15.And, finally, this is not a rear end:

Two people, one wearing black shorts and hiking shoes, and another wearing black pants and sneakers, are seated with a large animal's back obscuring part of the view

Okay, let us know which one made you pause the longest in the comments, and look out for next week's roundup!