Fig Grilled Cheese Won't Be Perfect Unless You Use Sourdough Bread

Fig Grilled Cheese
Fig Grilled Cheese - Jamie Batchell-Shelbert/Mashed

It's hard to beat a classic grilled cheese sandwich. When faced with the choice of a fancy, gourmet meal and a simple grilled cheese, many would opt for the latter because it's comforting and nostalgic. Mashed recipe developer Jamie Batchell-Shelbert bridged the gap between fine dining and a simple sandwich with her Fig Grilled Cheese recipe. This sandwich is held together by sourdough bread, which she says is the perfect vessel for the creamy gruyere and fig jam.

Sourdough is the right bread for this dish because it toasts like magic in the hot butter that Batchell-Shelbert uses in her recipe. The sandwich cooks in a pan for several minutes on each side, giving the bread plenty of time to crisp up on the outside while maintaining a fluffy inside. Sourdough really shines when toasted slowly over low heat because this method highlights the bread's texture. Sourdough is also known to have a more complex flavor than other kinds of loaves, which this recipe highlights.

"This is truly one of my favorite sandwiches," Batchell-Shelbert said. "I've prepared it for many friends...and wowed them all." This recipe comes together in just under 20 minutes. Batchell-Shelbert recommends serving it at brunch or during any special occasion.

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Pan Fried Sourdough Soaks Up More Butter

Fig grilled cheese in pan
Fig grilled cheese in pan - Jamie Batchell-Shelbert/Mashed

Jamie Batchell-Shelbert's Fig Grilled Cheese recipe combines the best parts of this classic sandwich with a touch of elegance, and the result is unforgettable. You may never eat grilled cheese again with anything but sourdough bread because it is such a dynamite pairing with melty cheese.

To cultivate a satisfying crunch on the outside of the bread, Batchell-Shelbert opts to slather the slices in soft butter before placing them butter-side-down in the hot pan. People have long prepared toast this way because the bread soaks up more butter than toast that is buttered after it comes out of the toaster. The buttery crunch of the sourdough is a tasty compliment to gooey gruyere and sweet fig jam. When it's time to serve your perfectly toasted grilled cheese, don't forget to include a side. "I usually serve this with a large green salad," Batchell-Shelbert said, noting that sweet potatoes would also be a dynamic pairing for this dish.

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