'Fifty Shades' spawns copycat erotic fiction

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The phenomenal success of erotic literature sensation 'Fifty Shades of Grey' was always going to encourage a crop of copycat fiction.

Enterprising English mother-of-five Mel Dutton has wasted no time in bashing out her own homage to the Fifty Shades trilogy, dubbed 'Fifty Shades of Chav'.

In the UK the term 'chav', shorthand for the young, working class demographic, is the loose equivalent of the Australian bogan.

Dutton's stories recount her raunchy relationship with fictional partner Barry.

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The 36-year-old, who writes in the evenings after her kids have gone to bed, has over 1000 internet supporters who are circulating a petition to get the chavtastic stories published.

"I love writing and I'm known for my quick wit, especially on Facebook,' she told media in the UK. "I was thinking about that book 50 Shades Of Grey, and thought I've got the inspiration by looking out of my kitchen window."

The young mum was initially suprised at the popularity of her raunchy writing attempts.

"They are quite rude but people have really loved them and I've heard people reading little bits from it to their friends at the bus stop and even at the school gates," she said.

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The Fifty Shades trilogy itself started out as fan fiction. Twilight fan EL James composed her own decidedly adult version of Stephanie Meyer's vampire novels, which went viral after James published her work as an e-book in 2011.

Since then the Fifty Shades books have sold over 20 million copies, spawning countless retail spinoffs and of course plenty of speculation about a film adaptation.

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It's likely that Mel Dutton hopes her version enjoys the same stratospheric success.

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