Ferne McCann hits back after trolls slam daughter's hiking outfit

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Former The Only Way Is Essex star Ferne McCann has hit back at mum-shamers online who called out her daughter’s unconventional hiking outfit.

Despite most of the UK being in strict COVID-19 lockdown, Ferne jetted off the South Africa for a Christmas break with a group of friends and her three-year-old daughter, Sunday.

Ferne McCann climbing a mountain in South Africa
Ferne McCann has been slammed online for letting her daughter climb a mountain in her nightie. Photo: Instagram/Ferne McCann

The group decided to climb Lions Head Mountain in Cape Town on Sunday, with Ferne’s daughter, Sunday, dressed in her nightie, with no underwear on and carrying her bunny rabbit.

While many of Ferne’s followers loved the laid-back vibe of the hike, others decided to give Ferne their own parenting advice.

Ferne took to her Instagram to post a series of snaps from the hike, alongside the caption: ”Mountains can be hard to climb. Once you’ve reached the top the experience stays. That’s what makes the journey worth while. Yep that’s my 3 year old who today climbed #lionshead In her poppy nighty, with no knickers on, hair not been brushed in days with BunBun in tow.


Sunday McCann, Ferne McCann's daughter
Ferne's daughter, Sunday, carried her bunny rabbit as she was carried up the mountain. Photo: Instagram/Ferne McCann
Ferne McCann with her daughter over Christmas 2020
The group jetted to South Africa for the holiday season. Photo: Instagram/Ferne McCann

“With a little help from the mountain queen @jossie_rose , @carlcunard & @littleannies_eyes we literally carried her the whole way.

“Today I stood at the top of the mountain and absorbed every bit of magnificence. I manifested my dreams & goals for 2021. I felt present & alive....(& a little exhausted) but SO grateful that I got to experience it all with Sunday.”

Fans were quick to comment, with one person saying: “Not my space to judge but 3 years old you should of brushed her hair and dressed her bit that’s just my opinion”

Ferne McCann and her daughter Sunday McCann
Ferne looked stunning an orange crop top and workout pants. Photo: Instagram/Ferne McCann

When Ferne replied to followers asking them “but why?”, one person responded: “Because that’s normal to put underwear on a child. In that heat with a nightie on isn’t right.”

“Defo should have had underwear on,” another person wrote.

When one person said putting Sunday’s underwear on before the hike was surely a ‘must’, Ferne replied saying: “Na babes shoes and suncream were the musts.”

Others stuck up for Ferne’s parenting choice, writing: “Love the fact Sunday was in her nightie and no knickers isn’t that how we should all roll. You’re an inspiration to your little girl well done all of you”.

Ferne McCann in orange workout gear on a mountain in South Africa with her daughter Sunday
Ferne and Sunday on the mountain in Cape Town. Photo: Instagram/Ferne McCann

Another person pointed out that Sunday wasn’t wearing anything different to a sundress, saying: “Ferne is just honest about her parenting and doesn’t try and be perfect, she’s real. Three year old’s push boundaries and can be challenging”

The follower also sympathised with the former reality star, saying it can be ‘super hard being a lone parent’.

Others were upset that Ferne is in South Africa as current COVID-19 restrictions have meant most people in the UK are in lockdown.

“I really like you Ferne but this trip is wrong on so many levels” one person wrote.

Another person said they were supposed to be holidaying in Cape Town at the moment but had their trip cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions and wondered how Ferne got there in the first place.

Ferne McCann and her daughter Sunday at the top of Lions mountain in Cape Town
The mother and daughter had the best view from the top. Photo: Instagram/Ferne McCann

However, it appears that Ferne may also be working on her trip, as she recently uploaded images of her and Sunday visiting the penguins at Boulder Beach alongside the caption:” I am eternally grateful that I get to travel for work and I can also bring along my baby girl.”

Ferne previously opened up to The Sun about being a single parent, saying: “Being a new mum in particular, you can feel isolated and lonely. It's such a change of lifestyle, which you think is going to be all sunshine and roses but actually, it's a huge adjustment.

“You are solely responsible for a tiny human that is solely dependent on you. That's a big task.

“I 100 percent felt loneliness when I moved out of my mum's and it was just me and Sunday. That was really tough.”

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