FC Seoul apologizes after people thought they used sex dolls as replacement fans during game

Chris Cwik
·1-min read
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FC Seoul says it did not place sex dolls in the stands. (Photo by Visionhaus)

FC Seoul has apologized after people believed the team used sex dolls to replace fans during a game Sunday, according to the Associated Press.

The team apologized in a statement on Instagram, saying it was sorry, but insisting the dolls were not sex toys but mannequins.

To make matters more confusing, the company that supplied the dolls — Dalkom — does make sex toys. On top of that, some of the dolls at the match were reportedly wearing signage that promoted pornographic websites, according to BBC.com. Both FC Seoul and Dalkom told BBC the dolls were “premium mannequins” and not sex dolls. Dalkom said FC Seoul was supposed to remove that signage before placing the mannequins.

With coronavirus limiting large gatherings, FC Seoul placed the mannequins in the stands to simulate a crowd. In total, 30 mannequins were at the game.

Korea began loosening restrictions on soccer in April, allowing practice games. The regular season resumed May 8.

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