FBoy Island Australia stars reveal their biggest red flags

FBoy Island Australia stars Sophie Blackley, Ziara Rae and Molly O'Halloran take part in the viral trend 'He's a 10 but'.

Video transcript

SOPHIE BLACKLEY: Oh, zero. Your dog knows everything. I don't even have a dog. But--


MOLLY O'HALLORAN: Does he have a skateboard or something?

SOPHIE BLACKLEY: I'll teach him to drive.

MOLLY O'HALLORAN: Like a three because I kind of really liked being a passenger princess.

SOPHIE BLACKLEY: Yeah, see, I'm 26. So it's like-- like if you don't have your license by 26. It's like, what's wrong?

MOLLY O'HALLORAN: I mean, you could just be really environmentally conscious.

SOPHIE BLACKLEY: If that's the reason, I'll deal with him. Because that's quite a sweet reason.

ZIARA RAE: That's like a two.

MOLLY O'HALLORAN: And you're going to always have to drive to them.

ZIARA RAE: Oh, a zero. No thanks.




ZIARA RAE: No sir.

MOLLY O'HALLORAN: Look, I don't mind if we're splitting the bill or if I'm paying or I'm the first one to be like, move out the way, I'll pay.

SOPHIE BLACKLEY: Yeah. But not five times.

MOLLY O'HALLORAN: Yeah, five times I'm like, are you maybe using me? Are you just here for a free meal?

SOPHIE BLACKLEY: Yeah. He's just hungry.


MOLLY O'HALLORAN: Oh, red flag.

ZIARA RAE: Zero. I think that is the biggest red flag. And it's-- I've gone through something like this and I would literally like cry. But like, why won't post me? He's like, I just don't want people knowing my business. Like, it's bullshit. That's so pathetic. I would never beg another man to post me ever again.

SOPHIE BLACKLEY: You go, girl.

ZIARA RAE: Yeah, I'm so done with that. Zero.


SOPHIE BLACKLEY: I'll just buy it for him. But that's-- yeah, that's a worry.

ZIARA RAE: That just sounds like parenting.

MOLLY O'HALLORAN: Maybe he's really environmentally conscious. He just won't take aluminum deodorant.

SOPHIE BLACKLEY: Irritated skin.

ZIARA RAE: Or any deodorant.

MOLLY O'HALLORAN: Personal hygiene is an important one for me.




SOPHIE BLACKLEY: Zero. Your dog knows everything. I don't even have a dog, but--


I would trust a random dog over a guy. I swear to God.

ZIARA RAE: I'm a cat person and my cats don't even like me. It's like--

MOLLY O'HALLORAN: So why are you a cat person?

ZIARA RAE: So my friends are over and they are like, weird. Or like, sometimes I'll bring over like just a person they've never met. And sometimes they're like all over them and like pairing. And I'm like, she's like sensing something.

And like, cats are so much more-- like, I feel like dogs kind of love everyone. Like, dogs are like, oh, happy to see everyone. But cats are kind of like, who are you? Like, let me feel your energy and manipulate you.


SOPHIE BLACKLEY: If that was my man, he would have like 50 text messages.

MOLLY O'HALLORAN: I feel like if Australia Post can get back to me faster than that, then, you're gone.

SOPHIE BLACKLEY: Zero, I need conversation.


No, but that's a red flag because why don't you have other guy friends?

MOLLY O'HALLORAN: Yeah, if it's only girls, that's bizarre. Why do guys not like you?

ZIARA RAE: I think that topic is like pretty controversial. It kind of just depends-- I think, a lot of it's like respect. Like, I've been in a relationship in the past. And I've come into your life and you've got your friends, and I respect that. But they kind of made no effort with me or kind of acted like weird and jealous.

And I'm like, they have a crush on you. Like, I know that you can't see that because girls can see things that guys can't and guys can see things that girls can't.


ZIARA RAE: I've even had a boyfriend say, oh, your mate's into you. And I'm like, no, he's not. He's literally my friend. And then, it turns out he was.


SOPHIE BLACKLEY: Oh, still a 10. I'm quite short so it's kind of impossible. But--

MOLLY O'HALLORAN: I really like a tall guy.

ZIARA RAE: He's going to have to be a little bit taller than me, at least.

MOLLY O'HALLORAN: I'd say, you're an eight. I would prefer you to be taller than me. I'd like a bit of height but it's not going to-- if you are an amazing person, we can get by that.


ZIARA RAE: It depends like if he's daddy. Because some guys--


No, but listen. If some guys give daddy vibes, and you can say that. And then, some guys, it's just like-- I've heard some guys say it to me. And I'm just like, but that's not you. I don't know that.

SOPHIE BLACKLEY: I don't know about that one. I don't think it's a red flag but it's not like my vibe. It's just a bit weird. I'd give him a five. He can still be a 10 to someone else.