Faye Dunaway rejects Kelly Ripa's comical suggestion for her grandma name: 'No way!'

Ripa suggested that the Oscar-winning actress' grandson call her "Ms. Dunaway" in the future.

Oscar-winning Hollywood legend Faye Dunaway has played many different parts across her decades-long career, but she's being comically selective about what her grandson will call her as she takes on a new role as his grandmother.

The 83-year-old made a rare recent talk show appearance Monday on Live With Kelly and Mark to promote her upcoming HBO documentary Faye, and answered a question about what her grandson, Oliver Dunaway O’Neill, will call her when he's older.

"I know you have a grandbaby, and right now, you've been deciding on a grandma name," Ripa said, referencing the 2022 birth of Dunaway's grandson, whose father is Dunaway's only child, Liam Dunaway O'Neill. "I think, this is what I think the baby should call you: Ms. Dunaway."

<p>ABC</p> Faye Dunaway on 'Live With Kelly & Mark'


Faye Dunaway on 'Live With Kelly & Mark'

The Network and Chinatown star smiled and looked toward the audience and said, "No way! No way! I tell him I want to be called grandmama."

Ripa then suggested, "What about Madame?" which Dunaway also rejected.

"No! He'll tell me exactly what he wants to call me, and it'll be better than any name I could've thought of," she said. "He's a darling boy. I adore him!"

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Dunaway also spoke about her decision to allow cameras to capture portions of her life for the Faye documentary, which premiered at Cannes in May.

"The unexamined life is not worth living. I think [Socrates] said that," Dunaway said. "You have to examine your life, look at your choices, understand why they were made, and learn from it. If you don't do that... life is not worth living."

Live With Kelly and Mark airs weekdays in syndication. Check your local listings for showtimes in your area. Faye debuts July 13 on HBO.

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