Father's toilet dilemma whilst out with daughter

Olivia Morris
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If you’re a mother with a son and he needed the toilet whilst you were out and about, more likely than not there would be no hesitation for you in taking him into the female toilet with you.

But would the same rules apply for a father with his daughter?

One dad was in that exact predicament recently.

One father recently found him a bit of a toilet dilemma, just like Jesse and Joey from Full House. Source: Warner Bros.

Taking to an online forum, Stay At Home Mum, this father anonymously queried what others thought on his situation.

Do you think a man with a daughter who needs the loo should take her into the ladies or the men’s loo?” he wrote. “There is no disabled or parents room about only men and women’s loos.”

And, of course, the internet being the internet, it opened a whole debate on the forum from multiple parents.

Some argued the man should just take his daughter into the male lavatory.

“How many women here take their son into the male toilet?” one wrote. “None I bet. Dads take kids into the men toilets. Simple.”

“Mens of course,” another agreed. “She not standing at the urinal so won’t see any nudity and neither will the men.” 

However, others took a more middle ground stance.

Many had a lot to say on the subject of where the father should take his daughter to the toilet. Source: Getty

“That’s tricky,” one commented. “They should be able to take the girl into the ladies, but I guess it depends on the woman respond. Perhaps if he asked if it was ok?”

Another echoed in agreement stating there was “nothing wrong with a dad taking her into the womens”.

One mother reflected upon her own experience with her husband admitting she was “surprised” her husband takes their daughter into the ladies toilets.

“He knocks and asks if it’s okay first but he said mens toilets are filthy and wouldn’t want our daughter in there,” she explained. “And yes women are dirty too but the majority of ladies loos I have been in don’t smell like urine everywhere.”

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