Father of the bride's girlfriend attempts upstage in trailing blush gown

Holly Hales
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
A bride's father's girlfriend wore a blush-coloured off-the-shoulder gown to her big day. Photo: Reddit

A bride has had her wedding look almost overshadowed after her father’s girlfriend wore a blush, trailing gown to her big day.

Hallmarked by its rose-coloured hue and off the shoulder of the shoulder style, a double-take is almost needed to decipher the women’s looks.

The faux pas was initially raised on a Reddit thread, where its poster asked whether the step-mother-in-law’s look could be seen as an attempt to divert attention from the happy couple.

Did she cross the line?

Although opinions were somewhat divided as to whether the blush ensemble crossed a line, with some saying the bride had a right to be annoyed regardless.

“She looks great in it but this was the colour of my wedding dress so I would never wear it to someone else's,” wrote one woman.

“I would probably be upset if someone wore it to mine.”

Another added: “If it didn’t have the train I wouldn’t of even given it a second look. It’s definitely pink, not white.”

“This was actually the colour I requested several immediate family members of mine to wear to my wedding. But if it bothered this bride then it’s inappropriate.”

Others were less forgiving and insisted regardless of the shade, guests’ looks should be chosen to complement the bride, not attempt to overshadow her.

“Wow. Just... wow. How blatant,” one wrote.

“The father of the bride’s girlfriend is also quite younger than him and is closer to the bride's age which in my opinion makes it slightly more inappropriate since it came across she was trying to compete with her.”

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