Fat-shamed Tinder date gets the last laugh

Penny Burfitt
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Emily Langsdon turned a mean Tinder message into dozens of dates. Photo: Supplied

When Emily Langsdon was fat-shamed by an online bully on dating platform Tinder, she never dreamed that she would walk away with the last laugh, and lots of romantic interest.

The latest example to turn the internet’s stomach, Emily took to Twitter to post a horrendous message exchange between herself and a user called ‘Matt’.

The tweet quickly went viral with the online community rallying to denounce Matt’s vitriol, and in many cases to give Emily the attention she deserved.

“I was so shocked that it went this viral, it’s absolute madness,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“People were really supportive and it’s great because I’ve had a lot of love and support from loads of people!”

She’s had more than just support however, the dance teacher also had a man ask her out on the viral thread and the two exchanged details.

“Yah one boy did ask me out and messaged me after,” she admitted, but added he wasn’t alone.

“I’ve had so many boys add me, it’s a joke!”

Silver lining to a dark cloud

Tinder user Emily Langsdon was shamed on Tinder, but got the last laugh on Twitter. Photo: Facebook

The original exchange Emily posted can only be a cocktail of misogyny, vitriol and fat-shaming.

‘Matt’ starts out with an insulting sexist remark, before asking Emily if she’s the ‘fat one’ in her group shot.

The stunning British teacher rocks a cropped electric blue hair cut, and bold features matched only by her bold approach to the offensive slur.

The dance teacher took to Twitter with the snap, and the tweet went viral quicker than you could say ‘red flag’.

The exchange quickly went viral, attracting almost 40k likes, and hundreds of comments.

Almost 700 people shared their thoughts on ‘Matt’ and they weren’t very impressed.

As for Emily, she’s more than happy to claim victory over what could have been a crushing incident.

“I deffo got the last laugh!” she quipped.

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