Kate’s topless photographer charged

July 26, 2013, 10:46 am Penny Newton lifestylechannels

The editor of a French magazine and an unnamed photographer have been charged under France’s strict privacy laws, after the royal couple are said to have made it their ‘personal crusade’ to discover the culprit.

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge topless photographer charged

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In September last year, a French magazine published topless pictures of Kate which caused an outcry in Britain. Photo: Getty Images

The photographer who is suspected of taking topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge last year has been charged, according to the Daily Mail.

A high profile female journalist has also been placed under formal criminal investigation in connection with the controversial pictures.

Laurence Pieau, editor of French Magazine closer, who published the photos of Kate in September last year has already been charged in connection with a breach of France’s strict privacy laws.

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She will be trialed alongside her publishing director, Ernesto Mauri, and at least two other photographers, including Valerie Suau, who admitted taking photos of Kate during the holiday.

Ms Suau has denied being responsible for taking any indecent images – she says she took pictures of kate in her swimsuit, but not topless. However, she is suspected of having assisted at least one other photographer who took snaps of the topless Duchess.

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The photos, which show Kate sunbathing topless on the balcony of a French property, where she was on holiday with her husband William, caused a public outcry in Britain last year, and topped headlines around the world.

Kate and Prince William swiftly took legal action against the magazine, and launched criminal proceedings against the photographers. While France has strict privacy laws, French media are protected from having to name their sources.

Despite this, the royal couple are said to have made it their ‘personal crusade’ to discover who took the images.

Their French lawer Aurelien Hammelle said it was a “grotesque breach of privacy” and the royal couple felt “violated” during a “highly intimate moment during a scene of married life”.

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He added that it was 'just six days after the 15th anniversary of the cynical and morbid hunt which led to the death of William's mother', referring to the Princess Diana's death in 1997

He said the royal couple had suffered a “grotesque breach of privacy” and felt “violated” during a “highly intimate moment during a scene of married life”.

Ms Pieau has given a number of interviews where she has justified the pictures saying, ‘I did my job as a journalist’.

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