Hairy leg stockings - real trend or internet prank?

June 20, 2013, 10:59 am Penny Newton lifestylechannels

For a mystery Chinese designer/company/joker, hairy legs have provided a unique opportunity - but is it to help ward off unwanted male attention, or create a viral internet prank?

Hairy leg stockings real trend in china or internet prank

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Hair removal is considered one of the most hated beauty chores, so it's seems strange that women would want to purchase 'hairy legs' hosiery, even if it did discourage unwanted male attention.

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The image posted on Shanghai based website ChinaSMACK, which has since gone viral, shows a model wearing the realistic ‘hairy leg’ tights which are being hailed as the perfect ‘summertime anti-pervert device and ‘essential for young girls going out’. The post has garnered over 230 comments, and hit headlines around the world.

“I'm not sure what the author of this post thinks a "pervert" is,” says one commenter, “but I've always thought that a "pervert" was someone who LIKES, or has a "fetish" for, weird and gross stuff of THIS sort.”

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“Clearly this if for the men to wear, man up so to say,” says another. “
Also good in winter on motorbike.”

However, apart from the picture posted, there doesn’t seem to be anyone actually selling the stockings, raising the question whether this is just a well-orchestrated internet joke.

“...There's a problem (besides the basic concept that this doesn't help anyone who wears pants),” writes Alexander Abad-Santos of The Atlantic Wire. “It's unclear whether you can buy them. The Weibo post doesn't say where you can purchase them, and Mashable notes that it's unclear whether they're for sale.”

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"What it adds up to is that these wonderful pervert repellents are probably not for sale, taking some of the air out of the joke."

If these leggings do in fact exist, we suggest saving your money and just forgoing the razor for a few months if you’re serious about dodging male attention!

What do you think? Internet joke? Or the real deal? Let us know by joining the conversation on Y!7 Lifestyle Facebook page.'''

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