Harry Styles

One Direction are currently the biggest boy band in the world and wherever Harry goes, hordes of screaming teenage girls descend, which possibly accounts for his expression in this photograph.

Feb 4, 2013

Celeb men baring all

The sun is shining, the mercury’s rising and celebs are stripping off. We’re ever so grateful to summer for allowing us a sneak peek at what’s normally kept hidden and to these gorgeous celebs for sharing the efforts of their exercise regimes so kindly with us.

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  1. MeM12:41am Monday 18th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Where is the baring all shots???

  2. Samantha02:38pm Friday 15th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    What he is showing isn't worth "baring"

  3. Glib02:22pm Thursday 14th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    "Baring all"??? Blatant misrepresentation.