• How to travel in style this holiday season

Back to basics

Our Virgin Atlantic insider recommends getting as much sleep as possible while flying - it will leave you looking and feeling more refreshed. Eye masks, travel pillows, ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones are commonly known tricks of the trade. Our tip is to try to relax, the same way you would do as if you were at home, whether that involves clearing your head of stressful thoughts, listening to some familiar music or meditating.

Photo by Getty Dec 17, 2012

How to travel in style this holiday season

Dreading the dry skin and lacklustre appearance that often accompanies a long haul flight? With the help of some in-the-know Virgin Atlantic crew, we give you some travel tips that will have you feeling fresh, fabulous and holiday ready as you step off the plane.

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    Black is a fashion cop-out. No imagination.