Will the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's teenage child look like this?

February 26, 2013, 11:12 amlifestylechannels

Can you imagine what the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's royal baby will look like as a teenager? A South African geneticist has created digital projections of what Kate and Will's teenaged child will look like.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: royal baby as a teenager

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A South African geneticist has created digital images of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's as yet unborn progeny.

Suretha Erasamus has mocked up projected likenesses of the prince or princess as teenagers - and it has to be said they are good-looking children!

The teenage princess has her mother's dark hair, while the prince sports a blond crop like his grandmother Diana. Kate's green eyes have gone to her son, while Will's baby blues are shared by his young daughter.

Click through to see photos of Will and Kate's trip to Asia:

Meanwhile global excitement about the royal pregnancy has reached fever pitch. The Duchess has already been nominated for a mother of the year award - 5 months before her baby is due to be born.

Earlier in February Kate made her first public appearance since her recent family holiday at the Caribbean island of Mustique, where she was controversially photographed in a bikini by paparazzi.

The Duchess stepped out at Action on Addiction's Hope House in London sporting a chic MaxMara wrap dress and the beginnings of a baby bump.

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