Spot the Photoshop fail

December 12, 2012, 10:57 amlifestylechannels

Top model Joan Smalls is the victim of a Photoshop fail in an advertisement for high-end fashion house Gucci.

Spot the Photoshop fail

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At first glance she's a model in a luxe pink Gucci suit.

The Gucci ad. Credit: PSDisasters

Closer inspection reveals there's something seriously amiss with model Joan Smalls' leg in the Gucci ad, part of the label's Resort 2013 campaign.

We agree with website PSDisasters, which advises that "If you’re going to slather your model in flamingo-pink, try to avoid giving her the legs of one too."

The advertisement was spotted in an American Express Departures magazine by PSDisasters reader Nigel.

Despite the harsh retouching, Puerto Rican model and Victoria's Secret Angel Joan Smalls is at the top of her game, currently ranked number one in the world by

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Watch the video for more Victoria's Secret shennanigans:

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