GUEST BLOG: Jason Dundas

August 15, 2012, 4:37 pmlifestylechannels

In an exclusive blog David Jones Ambassador Jason Dundas shares his style inspirations.


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By the year 2020, Internet users are expected to quadruple to four billion worldwide, and when it comes to fashion and retail, this rapidly growing online space has already completely transformed the world of fashion.

The way customers purchase, “window shop” and interact with their favorite brands has become more and more accessible across mobile devices. So now more than ever, and with this constantly evolving digital marketplace, I’m incredibly excited to be the new menswear ambassador for the iconic Australian department store David Jones.

Having spent the first 21 years of my life in the western suburbs of Sydney, a monthly trip to the David Jones flagship city store was like a dream come true. I can remember walking in and being impressed by a sea of white floor-to-ceiling shelves showcasing the best of the best clothes, and being served by people in suits.

Since giving up the ‘dream job’ traveling the world with the Travel TV show Getaway, I've spent the last year co-hosting Vh1's pop-culture show called Big Morning Buzz Live from New York City.

I now find myself waking up at 5:45am five days a week. After a short subway ride, arriving at the Vh1 studios in Times Square where at 10am I'm live on US TV for an hour - a long way from where I grew up in Penrith.

Here in New York City fashion is a way of life. New York is where the world’s trends are born. I’m pretty sure the mustache became cool again because a group of teenagers started doing it in the Lower East Side, and I’m almost positive I own a pair of boat-shoes because those same teenagers decided to start wearing them one day.

But whenever I come back to Sydney, it makes me really proud walking into a David Jones store, where it’s obvious that Australian designers have their finger on the pulse of the world’s hottest fashion trends. It is an honour for me to be able to wear the best clothes from Australian menswear designers, around, arguably, the fashion capital of the world NYC.

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