How to find your style in 2013

January 29, 2013, 4:21 pm Kathryn Eisman Yahoo!7

Fashion blogger Kathryn Eisman shows us how to embrace our own personal style in the New Year.

How to find your style in 2013

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We all have style icons we simply adore. No matter what they seem to be doing, from walking their dog to hitting the red carpet at the Academy Awards, they always look great. Not only do they look perfect, more importantly, they look perfectly like themselves!

Having your own personal style isn’t just for movie stars and moguls, everyone can have it. But how do you develop it for the real world? How do you make it consistent and cohesive, yet flexible enough to see you through everything your complicated life entails - from work to weekends, picking up the kids from school to Saturday date night?

As my New Year gift to you, here are a few simple steps to get you on your way so you can begin the New Year in style - your individually fabulous version of it!

1. Find inspiration.

Look through magazines ranging from Vogue to Parenting to Forbes, or whatever speaks to your particular lifestyle. Tear out images of women whose outfits speak to you. Ensure your selection includes a range of lifestyle situations that would work for you, as well a few fantasy images.

2. Identify a theme

From these images, look through them and divide into categories: casual, work, evening and date night. Once you’ve done so, ask yourself if there is a common theme or a particular look that exists within many of these images. Take note of this.

3. Name it

Finding a few words to accurately describe your style will help you clearly articulate your new look as well as keep you focused when shopping for new pieces down the road.

Common styles include:
1. Classic and tailored
2. Bohemian and vintage
3. Modern and graphic
4. Feminine and ladylike

5. Rebellious and unexpected

Go ahead and find your own words to describe your style. Write it down.

4. Go through your wardrobe

Now that you’ve identified your idealized style, go through your wardrobe and divide items into two categories: those in line with this vision of yourself and those that do not support this aesthetic.

5. Cull

Of the pieces that do not live up to this new vision of yourself, ask yourself if you really need them in your wardrobe. If the answer is “no”, then get out a garbage bag and donate them to charity. Part of being your most stylish self it about letting go of excess stuff that keeps you from being your best self. And the act of giving is good for the soul.

6. What’s missing?

Now that you’ve edited your wardrobe, play around with different ways you can combine and recombine your exiting items. I call this clever dressing. Then, pin point which pieces are missing and write a “lust list” on the items you need to complete the total look. Ensure that for each of these pieces that you commit to only buy the best, even if it takes you till next January to afford. Commit to excellence in everything you do and wear.

7. Enjoy!

Well done for reinventing yourself and dressing to be your best version of yourself! Get out there and show the world what you’re made of.

Happy New Year!

Your Style Spy,

Kathryn xox

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