Calvin Klein releases steamy first ever Super Bowl ad
Calvin Klein releases steamy first ever Super Bowl ad

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A preview of Calvin Klein's first ever Super Bowl ad has set hearts racing around the interwebs.

The ad stars a topless Matthew Terry modelling underwear from Calvin Klein Concept, a new, apparently high-tech range that uses "360-degree seamless technology construction" (whatever that means).

Judging from the snippet we've seen, Calvin Klein has upped the ante from last year's steamy Super Bowl offering from H&M starring a topless David Beckham, a veteran of underwear modelling.

Terry, a 20-year-old modelling newcomer, boasts a formidable figure, taking the term washboard stomach to its extreme. Fans of his work will be pleased to know that the ad's Super Bowl debut will be followed by an extensive print and digital campaign.

The Super Bowl is traditionally a high rating event in US broadcasting, and one which advertisers try to capitalise on every year.

Last week in a deft piece of marketing Mercedes released a teaser for its Super Bowl commercial, starring model of the minute Kate Upton.

The teaser certainly teased, sending up Jessica Simpson's sexy car-washing scene from the film 'Dukes of Hazzard'. In the Mercedes ad however Upton manages to keep her clothes on AND pass on the actual car-washing to a gaggle of lust-struck footballers.

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