Fashion designer Alex Perry undergoes amazing body transformation

Marni Dixit
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Alex Perry has taken to Instagram to showcase his complete body transformation, leaving fans stunned.

The 57-year-old shared a snap of himself to his Instagram Stories showing off his very muscular physique while working out at home.

Alex Perry physical transformation
Alex Perry has shared his physical transformation on his Instagram page, surprising fans. Photo: Instagram/Alex Perry.

Alex's followers have complimented his transformation, with one user writing, "Looking great AP"

Another added, "Wow, you are so buff. Good for you," while someone else wrote, "You are a machine Mr Perry!"

Shelly Horton also commented, "You look un-f***ing-believable! Your consistent workouts are consistently inspiring."

The fashion designer spoke to SBS about his physical transformation, saying, "Going to the gym and working out just keeps me in peak physical and mental condition for whatever I’m faced with in the fashion industry."

“In the beginning, I didn’t look at exercise and training as a science. Sure, I would train hard back then but I didn’t eat well afterwards,” he said.

After his trainer Billy Kokinos explained his diet was 70 per cent of his results, Alex began eating "clean" during the week and only indulging on the weekend.

His new body shape has meant that the designer has needed his clothes tailored and taken in.

Alex Perry poses on red carpet
Alex has revealed he's had to have all his clothes tailored to fit his new physique. Pictured here in 2016. Photo: Getty

“I buy shirts to fit me in the shoulders and the chest and just get them altered in the middle. It’s a very European thing to alter clothes for both men and women. You buy something off the rack and if it’s not right, you get it tweaked.”

The designer has previously been slammed for his appearance, at one point on Australia's Next Top Model, Alex criticised contestant Kassidy Ure's photo and she responded, "At least my lips are real!"

In 2013, Alex told Yahoo Lifestyle of his face, "It's all real... There is nothing not real, there are a few fillers and there is a bit of Botox but that's that. That's normal, right?"

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