Farnham's voice anthem a free kick for 'yes' campaign

Paul Miller/AAP PHOTOS

John Farnham has gifted his You're the Voice performance to the campaign for an Indigenous voice to parliament for free.

The song is the soundtrack to a three-minute advertisement for the 'yes' campaign released on Sunday, which pairs Farnham's anthemic song with transformative moments in Australian history.

"We confirm that John Farnham has gifted his performance of You're the Voice for its use in the Uluru Dialogue Yes Campaign advertisements," said Gaynor Wheatley - the widow of Farnham's former manager Glenn Wheatley - and the singer's friend David Wilson in a statement released on Monday.

The ad will run on TV and social media ahead of the referendum to be held on October 14.

"This song changed my life," John Farnham said when it was revealed the song would be the soundtrack for the 'yes' campaign.

"I can only hope that now it might help, in some small way, to change the lives of our First Nations peoples for the better."

On Sunday, Uluru Dialogue co-chair Megan Davis said Farnham's hit tune was the unofficial anthem of the nation, and would be the song of the campaign.

The ad looks back at defining moments in Australian history, including the 1967 referendum to count Aboriginal people in the census, the Mabo decision, the America's Cup, the Uluru hand-back and Cathy Freeman's gold medal.

In 2022 Farnham had major surgery to remove a cancerous tumour from his mouth.

He's been given the all-clear, and a documentary about his life called Finding the Voice was released in July.