Farmer Wants A Wife contestant speaks out about Farmer Sam

Ever since Farmer Wants A Wife announced the men fronting the 11th season of the reality show, there has been one farmer who has found themselves surrounded by controversy.

25-year-old Farmer Sam from Canowindra in NSW has come under close scrutiny online and now, speaking exclusively to Yahoo Lifestyle, a contestant who competed for his affections on-screen has made a number of accusations about what he was like behind the scenes.

Farmer Sam sitting in grass
Farmer Sam has been a controversial character on the show. Photo: Channel 7

The bachelorette, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims that the location viewers are told is ‘Sam’s farm’ is actually an Airbnb cottage.


This is just one of many details that the unnamed contestant claims weren’t shown during the series.

“The last thing I want to come across is sour or hurt about it,” she admits.

She said she “doesn't have any bad feelings towards him”, but claims he “doesn’t know how to talk to girls.”

Farmer Sam's contestants.
A contestant claims that Sam “doesn’t know how to talk to girls.” Photo: Channel 7

‘He just stormed off’

The basic structure of the reality show, which first premiered in Australia in 2007, is a group of farmers giving city women an experience in the country before choosing one to be their forever partner.

When it came to Farmer Sam, however, his ladies were reportedly often left alone at the house, with the participant claiming: “He would disappear some nights after we'd have dinner and he wouldn't sleep there.

“There were just a lot of things that weren’t really making sense to us and we felt like he didn't want to be there, so it was hard to fawn over him.”

After the scandalous ‘hickey’ drama where he was grilled by the other women for leaving a mark on one girl’s neck, Sam is said to have had an intense exit.

Although the show made it seem as though he went back to the group the next morning and cooked them breakfast, the contestant claims it actually took him over 48 hours to return.

“There was a lot of uncertainty. He left for two days and we were told by producers that they were not sure if he was coming back,” she alleges.

Farmer Sam's contestants on a tractor.
Sam's group of girls are still friends after the show and are currently planning a reunion. Photo: Channel 7

Post-show, the cast remains good friends and they have a group chat to text each other while watching the show.

The contestant says that while she had a positive experience on the show, it's “just not fair for him to be put on a pedestal when we didn’t have an amazing time”.

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Channel Seven for comment.

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