Fantasy Baseball Podcast: A universal DH, the Rockies outside Coors, and fave fantasy strategies

Yahoo Sports Fantasy Staff and Scott Pianowski
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Yahoo’s Scott Pianowski chats with Elite Fantasy’s Vlad Sedler about the growing optimism around a 2020 MLB season, how rumors of a universal DH could impact the fantasy landscape, and some of the big picture fantasy baseball strategies they’ve relied on over the years.

Leading off, Scott and Vlad look at some of the players they might bump up their draft boards if the National League adopts a designated hitter — either for the 2020 season or permanently. (01:17)

If baseball adopts a one, two, or three-state plan moving all games to Arizona, Texas, and/or Florida, that means a lot of players who deal with the extreme ends of park effects are going to have their values change. We’ll look at some of the players who usually play in Coors Field in Colorado and San Francisco’s AT&T Park that’ll be moving up and down our draft boards. (09:12)

Some fantasy mangers are trade tacticians, others scour the waiver wire for break out players. Scott and Vlad discuss some of their fantasy adages, like the importance of FAAB management, why it’s okay to make a mistake and the usefulness of an official co-manager. (13:53)

We’ll take a look at Vlad’s cheat sheet while he tells us the guys he likes and doesn’t like in fantasy drafts, including the Dodgers’ Gavin Lux (like!), and the Twins’ Jose Berrios (don’t like!). (25:03)

And we’ll wrap up the show with a draft of our all-time favorite Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, formerly knows as the Anaheim Angels, formerly known as the California Angels. A quick spoiler, this was one draft where Mike Trout did not go #1 overall. (48:48)

Is Kevin Gausman still a fantasy sleeper if he plays outside of AT&T Park?
Is Kevin Gausman still a fantasy sleeper if he plays outside of AT&T Park?

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