Fans Say Travis Kelce Will Be 'an Awesome Dad' After Interacting With Young Fans

For the most part, Travis Kelce has pretty much proven himself to be an all-around good guy, and he continues to prove that fact with his wholesome acts of kindness.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end's latest show of sweetness took place while he met some more young fans, joyfully greeting them and signing a few items of memorabilia.

In a video of the encounter shared via X (formerly Twitter) by a fan account, the NFL player's teammate and close friend, star quarterback Patrick Mahomes can be seen finishing up his visit with the children, shouting, "There's the man with the plan!" as Kelce approached them.

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"What's up, dudes and dudettes?" the Catching Kelce alum excitedly approached the trio of little ones, who were completely decked out in the Midwestern team's colors. "Give me some love, man!"

As he checked out the sports gear the children were wearing, he noticed, "You got the 8-7 on, too? I'm 'bout it!" he proclaimed, referencing his own jersey number. "How you doin'? You enjoying the day?" Kelce asked, as one little boy answered, "Mm-hm."

"And you got the Super Bowl edition on, that's what I'm talkin' about," the three-time champion added as he signed a glove for the tykes.

"Look at her t shirt," one fan noticed of the young girl, who donned a red tee reading "Go Taylor's Boyfriend"—a nod to the football great's girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

Meanwhile, the moment had another fan convinced that "he’ll be an awesome dad."

The Chiefs shared some further information about the special day with a montage of the kids meeting with several of the team's other players. "The guys got to spend some time with Make-A-Wish kiddo Jackson yesterday who, after 7 rounds of aggressive treatment, just recently got to say he is officially cancer free!" the video noted.

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